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Health Organization: Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today, Tuesday, that breast cancer has surpassed lung cancer and has become the most common type of malignancy in the world.

"For the first time, breast cancer (type) has become the most common in the world," André Elbave, a cancer expert at the World Health Organization, said in a press briefing at the United Nations ahead of World Cancer Day, which falls on Thursday.

He explained that lung cancer has remained the most common over the past two decades, but now it has retreated a step back to second place, ahead of colorectal cancer, which is the third on the list.

Elpavy noted that female obesity is a common risk factor for breast cancer, adding that obesity is a driving factor for overall cancer numbers in the direction of an increase.

He added that as the world's population grows and life expectancy increases, there is speculation that cancer will become more common, with numbers reaching about 30 million new cases annually by 2040, up from 19.3 million in 2020.

Elbafy said that the Corona pandemic disrupted efforts to treat cancer in almost half of the countries studied, pointing to obstacles such as late diagnosis, severe stress on health care workers, and the impact of research.

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