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Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament: The process of forming a new government has entered a serious stage

Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Elie Ferzli, expressed his optimism about an "imminent breakthrough" in the file of the formation of the new government of the country, noting that the completion of the government entitlement has entered a more serious stage than ever before, and Ferzli said - in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper (An-Nahar), in its number issued Today / Friday / - Although it is difficult to definitively determine a time limit for the completion of the governmental composition, it is likely that this date will not be far away.

He pointed out that there are many data that would contribute to enhancing the appropriate conditions for the success of the efforts to form the new government, among them the change in the American administration and the return of momentum to the role of the European Union countries in a way that would contribute to removing the obstacles to the initiative previously launched by France to save Lebanon, And it strengthened the regional and international trend towards major settlements, especially in the Middle East.

Al-Ferzli stressed that among the data is the high level of internal pressure from effective authorities and references to the point where it is difficult to move forward in the process of obstructing the formation of the Lebanese government, in addition to the widespread deterioration in the work of the state and institutions, and the increasing pressure on the Lebanese at the social and economic levels, which this matter represents. From vibration in general stability.

Lebanon is suffering from the repercussions of the state of government vacuum that has continued for 6 months, after the government of Dr. Hassan Diab, the Prime Minister, submitted its resignation on August 10, due to the repercussions of the devastating explosion in Beirut's seaport and the exacerbation of the economic, financial, monetary and living crises.

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