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Daily Mail: The Duke of Edinburgh's illness has nothing to do with Corona ... and Boris Johnson wishes for a speedy recovery

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was transferred to the hospital on the advice of his doctor after feeling ill, and Prince Philip, 99, was transferred last night to the King Edward VII Private Hospital in Marylebone, London, as a precaution and he is expected to remain there. For a few days.

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, revealed that his illness was not related to the Corona pandemic, indicating that the decision to transfer him to the hospital had been taken with great caution.

She said the Duke was in "good spirits" and was hospitalized without assistance after being driven by a car.

For his part, Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, wished the Duke of a speedy recovery.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister said: "The prime minister sends his best wishes to the Duke of Edinburgh as he passes through his illness and spends a few days of rest in the hospital."

Police officers were standing guard outside the private hospital in central London where Prince Philip, who is 100, was being treated.

Buckingham Palace said in the statement that His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, had entered King Edward VII Hospital in London on Tuesday evening.

The statement continued: "The transfer of the Duke to the hospital is a precautionary measure, based on the advice of his doctor, after feeling unwell, the Duke is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days of observation and rest."

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