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A study confirms the effectiveness of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine against the mutated Corona strain in South Africa

A recent scientific study showed that two coronavirus vaccines from two Chinese companies, including Sinopharm, stimulated an immune response against the mutated Corona virus strain circulating in South Africa, according to Reuters.

The mutated virus variants have raised concerns that they may weaken the effects of vaccines and treatments developed before their emergence.

Researchers said in a recently published paper that 12 samples taken from recipients of two vaccines developed by a subsidiary of the China National Pharmaceutical Group Sinopharm and the vaccine company Zhifei Biological Products were able to protect against the South African alternative.

The research was written by researchers from the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of Sinopharm Corporation and the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is jointly developing a vaccine candidate with Zhifei, and other Chinese agencies.

According to Reuters, the Sinopharm vaccine for Coronavirus has been approved in China for general use, and is also used in many other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, and the Zhifei vaccine is in the final stages of clinical trials in China and abroad.

And the agency said, initial clinical trial data on vaccines from Novavax and Johnson & Johnson showed that they were significantly less effective in preventing corona among participants in trials in South Africa, where the new type is widespread.