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World Meters: Corona virus infections around the world are close to 90 million cases

The death toll from the new Corona virus, "Covid 19", in various countries of the world in which this epidemic appeared is approaching 90 million cases, as 89,455,986 cases were recorded, according to the "World Meters" census, and the site's statistics indicated that 1,924,093 deaths were recorded, while 64,106,826 recoveries were recorded.

The United States of America is still the country with the most recorded infections with the virus around the world, with more than 22 million cases of the virus recorded, and India comes in second place, which recorded more than 10 million cases of the virus, while Brazil ranked third in the ranking of countries with the most recorded infections with the virus. More than 8 million cases of the virus were detected in it.

A report issued by the London School of Health and Medicine revealed the existence of a new strain in the United States of America, which it described as a superbug that is distinguished by its danger from its counterpart that appeared recently in South Africa, and which contributes to the high rates of new infections inside the country, according to what was stated in the webmd website .

The report emphasized that the new strain that recently appeared in the United States is also contagious by 50%, compared to the old version of the virus, as experts indicated that the mutation of the virus into new forms of strains means that it changes itself to adapt and to achieve greater ability to spread and infections.

Today, Saturday, the health authorities in Russia announced that 470 deaths and 23,309 cases of the Coronavirus have been recorded during the past 24 hours, and the Russian Center for Epidemic Control said that 23,680 people recovered during the past day, which raises the outcome of those recovering since the start of the outbreak to two million and 754,809 people, And that is according to urgent news to Russia today.

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