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Washington imposes sanctions on a Russian ship participating in the "Northern Torrent 2" project

The US Treasury Department announced that the United States had imposed sanctions on the Russian "Fortuna" ship designated for laying pipes and participating in the implementation of the "Northern Torrent 2" project. The ministry indicated that the aforementioned ship was included on the American blacklist under the "Combating America's Enemies Through Sanctions" Act. .


She added that the sanctions imposed on "Fortuna" also include the "KVT Ross" company that owns the ship, and that the procedure requires preventing the aforementioned company from exporting and conducting banking transactions, and provides for the freezing of its assets and properties, and the "Northern Torrent -2" Russian project to extend the two gas pipelines. With a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters annually from the Russian coast across the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Germany.


Most of the project has been implemented, but it faces obstacles due to US pressure, as Washington threatens companies participating in the project with sanctions.

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