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Today ... Ismaili is taking a corona swab in preparation for facing the spinning of Mahalla in the league

Today, Wednesday, the Ismaili team is subject to the Corona swab in preparation for facing the spinning of the Mahalla scheduled for the second and a half noon next Saturday at the Ghazl al-Mahalla stadium in the ninth round of the General League competition, in implementation of the Football Association’s decision to conduct the swab 72 hours before the match and not 48 hours, and the Ismaili received a loss in front of the Arab Contractors with the aim of Without a response in the meeting that brought them together at the Ismailia Stadium and postponed from the sixth week of the Premier League competition, the only goal of the match was scored by Mohamed Hamdi Zaki in the middle of the first half, and Babel scored a goal for Ismaili, but it was canceled due to offside after returning to the mouse technique.

The Dervish occupies the fifteenth place in the league table with 6 points, after playing 7 matches, winning a match, drawing three and losing the same, and his players scored 7 goals and conceded nine goals.

Abu Talib al-Isawi, the coach of the Ismaili club, collapsed on the air during his statements after the Dervish loss, with a clean goal against the Arab Contractors, in the postponed sixth round of the life of the General League competition, which brought the two teams together at Ismailia Stadium.

Al-Essawi said, on Ontime Sports Channel: I do not care about me, I am responsible for some people to pressure and attack and say hurtful words, people who love the club stand by it, but this is out of their love and fear for the club, and I say that I am not upset with you, training is a tired profession and it is necessary We will be tired.

Al-Essawi continued his words, success is the most important thing, if you are the most successful coach, but you do not have success, you will not achieve victories, but if you are successful, you will win over any team, the Ismaili team deserves to win two goals and three.

He concluded, the Ismaili audience is the only one who is sad because of it. My soul is happy for them, I don’t know, I’m saying that I’m a good trainer in a chance, but our Lord did not want, praise be to God. I myself rejoice and I tell people that I am a good trainer, but this is not in my hand of success for our Lord.

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