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The UAE announces 2,998 new cases of coronavirus, and 5 deaths

Today, Saturday, the UAE Ministry of Health announced that it has conducted 168,770 examinations as part of its plans to expand the scope of examinations for the emerging corona virus "Covid 19", and it has detected 2,998 new cases of the Coronavirus.

The Emirates Health Ministry stated that 2,264 recoveries and 5 deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours, and the total number of recoveries in the UAE reached 203660 cases, and the total number of injuries in the country was 227,702, while the total deaths reached 702 cases, according to Emirati media outlets.

Yesterday, Friday, the UAE Ministry of Health announced the registration of 2,950 new cases of the "Corona" virus of different nationalities, and the death of 3 cases, and the "Emirates Health" - according to the Emirates News Agency, "WAM" - indicated that the total number of infections reached 224,704 Cases .. While the number of deaths rose to 697 cases.

On the other hand, the UAE Ministry of Health confirmed that volunteers have started participating in the third phase of clinical trials of the new Russian Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine, which is based on adenoviruses.

The Ministry added that the Abu Dhabi Department of Health is conducting experiments, which are open to 500 volunteers in principle, while the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, "SEHA", is in charge of applying all applicable medical protocols, and the experiments are conducted on healthy adults of different nationalities from the population of Abu Dhabi, provided that Under the age of 18, they have never had a COVID-19 infection.

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