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Shocking predictions that the Amazon rainforest will dry up by 2064 ... Know the details

A new research paper predicts that the Amazon rainforest in South America will disappear by 2064, due to deforestation and prolonged drought as a result of climate change, and these forecasts are very shocking, as the area of ​​the Amazon forests is about 2.3 million square miles, which is the largest tropical forest on Earth.


And according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", in addition to the role of the Amazon forests in reducing air pollution and regulating the oxygen and carbon cycles in the world, they also help, through their rainfall, to provide the local population with fresh water.


But these forests are on the verge of a "turning point" now as a result of human-induced disturbances, whether through deforestation of large parts of forests or due to climate change that is also causing massive fires.


Professor Robert Walker, a professor of geography at the University of Florida and responsible for the research paper, revealed that the Amazon will transform within the next few decades from a dense forest full of moisture to an open savannah forest dominated by grass and flammable shrubs.


He added that the reliance of the local population on the Amazon as a source of water means that the scale of the disaster will be worse than what was imagined so far in 44 years at the most.


He points to the year 2064 as the point at which a "tipping point" is reached, at which severe droughts become too frequent for forests to fully recover from.


Professor Walker said in his research paper, published in the Journal of the Environment, that the collapse of environmental governance in Brazil and other Amazon countries has renewed public concerns about the fate of the forest, "adding that it is doubtful that the Amazon forest will remain resilient to changes in the regional water climate, and the concern is The largest in drought intensification is due to fires, deforestation and logging.

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