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Reassure yourself .. how do you discover that you have had a belt of fire?

The fire belt is a viral infection that causes a painful rash that may appear in any area of ​​the body, but most cases of the fire belt appear in which the rash appears around one side of the waist and is caused by the same chickenpox virus, and people who contracted chickenpox at a young age are more likely to be infected with the fire belt, Because the virus remains inactive in the nerve tissue before the spinal cord and the brain, and it may return and activate suddenly after several years in the form of a firebelt, according to what "Net Doctor" reported.

It is possible that the belt of fire is contagious, as the infected person transmits the infection to anyone who does not have immunity to the chickenpox virus, and the infection usually occurs upon contact with one of the open blisters from the rash caused by the fire belt, but it is strange that the person to whom the infection will be transmitted will not be infected Belt of fire, but chickenpox.

The main symptoms of the Ring of Fire

1- Feeling pain and burning

2- Extreme sensitivity to touch

3- A red rash that starts to appear after a few days of feeling pain

4- Blisters filled with explosive liquid and may form scales

5- Itching

6- Headache and pain in the head

7- Light sensitivity

8- Fatigue and exhaustion.

What are the places of injury to the belt of fire in the body:

A belt that wraps around one side of the waist

It occurs around the eye

One side of the face

Around the neck in some cases

Diagnosis of fire belt infection

Diagnosis depends largely on the clinical picture, as the dermatologist performs a skin swab to examine it under a microscope, or one of the contents of the blisters and skin bubbles is emptied to create a virus culture, which is certainly an unhelpful examination in many cases.