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Moataz Raslan: Egypt has worked to create the environment for expanding the participation of the private sector in the environmental fields

Engineer Moataz Raslan, Chairman of the Egyptian Canadian and Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation, said that the political leadership has paid special attention to environmental issues, and has been placed among the country's priorities, believing in its vital role as one of the ribs of achieving sustainable development that Egypt aspires to.


He pointed out that Egypt suffered from the absence of a vision and strategy during the past decades in the field of environmental degradation, and this file did not take its share of interest in development policies or programs except during the past six years.


He continued by saying; During the past years, we have seen a radical shift in this file, as a result of a package of ambitious measures and programs to develop methods of dealing with the environment and increase awareness of it, which was evident in the extent of interest in the environmental dimension within the sustainable development strategy - Egypt Vision 2030.


He also said, this interest is also evidenced by the size of the successes and achievements made during the past period, on top of which is the issuance of the new waste law, which I consider the most important step and the main pillar in facing the problem of solid waste, and the improvement of Egypt's ranking in the indicators of the global environmental performance index for the year 2020 in the areas of pollution Air, sanitation, climate change, and most importantly, creating a supportive climate and environment for expanding private sector participation in environmental fields to reduce pollution sources and ensure the sustainability of natural resources.


This came during a symposium held by the Canadian-Egyptian Business Council and the Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation, on environmental issues and the role of the private sector in supporting economic development efforts, to talk about the Ministry of Environment's plan to confront pollution and environmental degradation and to integrate environmental sustainability standards, development plans and the transition to the green economy.

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