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Learn about the aspects of corporate governance ... Infograph

Governance is considered as the set of institutions, processes and traditions through which political, economic and administrative power is exercised to manage the affairs of the state at all levels, while institutional governance in particular is a set of rules, laws, standards and procedures according to which organizations are managed and effectively monitored, and it is responsible for organizing The relationship between the actors in the institution and the stakeholders and helps those in charge of defining, directing and performing the organization.

The National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development in Infographic published aspects of the application of governance as follows:

The report of the National Institute for Government and Sustainable Development revealed the development of the Egyptian classification in government indicators, which confirmed that Egypt has a good performance in the field of safety and security as evident in the Gallup Law and Order Index, as well as the Rule of Law Index for the Global Justice Project, in addition to improvement in the areas of economic systems. And transformation and government effectiveness, as the Open Budget Survey indicates that Egypt has achieved remarkable improvement in budget control.

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