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Klopp calls for the continuation of the English Premier League despite the high incidence of Corona

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp called on the Premier League League not to suspend competitions to contain the spread of the Corona virus, saying that the current health measures in place guarantee protection of the tournament.

West Bromwich Albion coach Sam Allardyce had previously called for a temporary suspension of the league after it was revealed that positive cases rose to record numbers in a week.

Because of this huge increase, the Everton match with Manchester City was postponed on Monday and also the Tottenham match at home to Fulham two days earlier.

Klopp said he would understand the decision to suspend the tournament if necessary, but stressed the importance of the role that football may play in this difficult time for everyone.

"I understand there are concerns but we are doing everything we can to keep the players safe and I think the tournament can continue in the current situation," he told reporters ahead of the Southampton match on Monday.

"People want to watch matches and teams follow the required isolation and protection measures, and train in their own places, so I demand that the championship continue."

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