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Experts from Kenya believe that a new surge of Corona will appear in the country

Experts in Kenya have suggested that a unique mutation of the emerging corona virus has nothing to do with two mutations recently discovered in Britain and South Africa that are spreading in the country.

The expert at the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, Charles Aguti, confirmed, according to "East Africa" ​​newspaper, that preliminary scientific data shows that the new mutation of the coronavirus was discovered in the southeastern province of Taita Tavita, but it is likely that it is spreading in the rest of its parts as well.

The expert pointed out that most of the virus mutations do not differ radically from the original strain and do not only intangibly affect the spread of the epidemic, but it is too early to talk about how dangerous the new mutation is before the end of scientific tests.

The expert mentioned that the new mutation, called D80A, was characterized by a unique amino acid mutation.

He explained that the team of experts from the institute, during the analysis of samples of more than 200 people in eight Kenyan provinces that were taken between last June and October, discovered a total of 16 sequences of the virus, 12 of which were uniquely classified.

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