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Eight fiery confrontations await Juventus in January ... Clasico, Derby and the most prominent Super Cup

The Italian Juventus team is involved in many strong confrontations in the month of January of the new year 2021, both in the Italian "Calcio" and the Cup, in addition to the Italian Super Cup. Juventus will start its career this year against Udinese next Sunday evening at the "Allianz Stadium", within the competitions The fifteenth round of the Italian League competition, and all Juventus confrontations in January came as follows ..

3-1 / Juventus - Udinese (Italian League)

6-1 / Juventus - Milan (Italian League)

10-1 / Juventus-Sao Paulo (Italian League)

13-1 / Genoa v Juventus (Italian Cup)

17-1 / Juventus vs Inter Milan (Italian League)

20-1 / Napoli-Juventus (Italian Super Cup)

24-1 / Juventus - Bologna (Italian League)

30-1 / Juventus vs Sampdoria (Italian League)

Juventus lost 6 points once in the campaign for the "Calcio" title this season, after losing 0-3 to Fiorentina in the 14th round of the competition, and losing three more points after the Italian Olympic decision to return its match against Napoli in the third round.

The balance of Juventus decreased from 27 points to 24 points, to come in sixth place in the Italian league table, and Milan tops the Italian league table, with 34 points, and Inter Milan is runner-up with 33 points.

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