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Consumer Rights on Rumors of Raised Prices for Telecommunication Services: Beginning of the Season of Rumors

Dr. Khaled Sharif, a member of the Committee for the Protection of Consumer Rights in the Communications Authority, said that spreading rumors aims to create confusion in society, explaining that the beginning of the year is a traditional season for rumors, and also in July.

He explained, during a telephone interview with the "Mansheit" program, on the "Extra News" channel, with the media, Rania Hashem, that the issue of prices for telecommunications services is not random, and there is an organized process for changing prices.

He pointed out that adjusting prices for any package or service, and any changes made to the prices of services, the company submits a request to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and if it has justifications for changing the service or something else, it is approved, or otherwise it is not approved.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that in light of the reported news regarding the intention of telecommunications companies to raise the prices of their services, the center contacted the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which denied the news.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology confirmed that there is no validity to raise the prices of telecommunications services, explaining that the prices are as they are and have not undergone any increases, indicating that any change in the prices of telecommunications services does not come individually for each company, but rather requires notification and approval of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as it is The government entity affiliated with the Ministry, which is responsible for taking any price movement.

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