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China builds a huge laboratory to examine one million cases daily to confront Corona ... Pictures

The local authorities in Shijiazhuang City, North China's Hebei Province, have implemented the construction of a Huian laboratory to test the DNA of suspected cases of corona virus, inside the city's tennis court, where the laboratory can provide integrated solutions to detect disease agents, and the China International Television Network published pictures of laboratory work Huhian, and the lab has a maximum daily capacity of DNA testing of 1 million samples.

The Shijiazhuang city authorities built the laboratory in a period of only about 10 hours, and the laboratory units are huge capsules that are inflated, and the area of ​​each capsule in the laboratory exceeds 70 square meters, but its area decreases to only 4 meters after emptying, while the process of blowing the capsule takes Approximately 50 minutes.

Du Yue Tao, head of the Huoyan Laboratory, said that they are doing their work well, with a huge amount of samples arriving at the laboratory daily, expressing her hope that we will continue to do their best to complete the test task as soon as possible and protect citizens by counting Corona cases.

Today, Thursday, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in Wuhan (the former epicenter of the outbreak in China); This is to conduct an investigation into the source of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The global team of experts - according to China International Television Network (CGTN) - underwent throat swabs and antibody tests at the airport upon their arrival, and they will also undergo the relevant quarantine measures required under epidemic control measures in China before conducting their field work.

The National Health Committee in China announced earlier that experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) would start a field visit to China on Thursday. To conduct joint scientific cooperation with Chinese scientists on tracking the source of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), while the committee did not provide further details about the work program of the organization's team.

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