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Britain closes all primary schools in London to cope with a jump in Corona injuries

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said today, Friday, that the British government has decided to close all primary schools in the capital for the next two weeks to counter the rapid spread of a more contagious strain of Corona virus.

On Wednesday, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson unveiled a plan to delay the reopening of high schools and to open most elementary schools for children under 11 years of age by the time scheduled next week at the end of the Christmas holidays.

According to the plan, it was decided to close primary schools only in the most affected areas of the country, including some parts of London. However, local authorities in several areas where primary schools have been scheduled to open have complained.

"The government finally realized the logic and changed its decision," the London mayor said on Twitter. "All primary schools across London will receive the same treatment," he added.

"This is the right decision, and I want to thank the Minister of Education ... for our constructive talks over the past two days," he added.

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