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1 out of 6 British children suffer from psychological problems due to school closures

A new British report stated that 1 in 6 children suffers from mental health difficulties as a result of the closures and school closures, according to the report of the newspaper "dailymail"

The report of the Commissioner for Children in England, Anne Longfield, urged the government to develop a roadmap to help schools reopen, and the statement read: “One in six children now has a potential mental health condition, and it is very likely that the level of underlying mental health problems remains. Much higher as a result of the epidemic. "

It said in a report that there had already been a spike in referrals to NHS services in the fall and called for schools to reopen quickly.

The report continued: The major interruption of two years of education, along with limited opportunities to see friends and large families, play and enjoy activities and concern about the impact of Corona on their families, will have a significant impact on children.

The report added: "Even before this crisis, children's mental health services were far from meeting the current level of need. In the year before the epidemic, referrals to child mental health services increased by 35%, while the number of children receiving treatment increased by only 4%. .

The report's forecast was based on a study last summer, after the spring lockdown, which found that clinically significant mental health cases among children were more than halved from levels recorded in 2017.

The report added, that the closure "will cause more damage to the mental health of many children and will put more pressure on mental health services, and perhaps for years to come."

That is why it is so important in the short term that the government put in place a roadmap to help schools reopen in the coming weeks.