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The high incidence of eating disorders among children in Britain due to Corona

A report of the British Royal College of Paediatrics revealed that the incidence of eating disorders in children rose dramatically during the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, and experts now warn parents to be alert to this situation, and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has suggested that isolation from friends, canceling exams and losing extracurricular activities cause Child stress.

According to a report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", experts emphasized that the increased use of social media while staying at home can also give children unrealistic ideas about what their body should look like.

The college report indicated that some children developed eating disorders, including anorexia, at a rate that quadrupled compared to last year, said Dr. Karen Street, head of child mental health at RCPCH British: "Eating disorders are often associated with the need for control, which is something he feels. Many young people have lost it during the epidemic. "

"I've worked with eating disorders for ten years and referrals since March have tripled," said Dr. Simon Chapman, consultant pediatrician at Kings College Hospital.

Doctors have advised parents that eating disorders can start with small signs, such as cutting food into small pieces, eating too slowly, avoiding eating with others, and wearing loose-fitting clothing to hide weight loss and excessive exercise.

"In the inpatient mental health unit we saw a three to fourfold increase in the number of children with eating disorders," said Dr. Nancy Bostock, of the University of Cambridge Hospital.

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