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The death toll from Corona in Latin America and the Caribbean exceeds 500 thousand cases


Al-Arabiya TV stated in its urgent news a while ago, that the death toll due to the emerging corona virus in Latin America and the Caribbean exceeds 500,000 deaths.

The year 2020 is considered one of the worst years in Latin America, and for many reasons, the region has witnessed many crises, whether health, political, economic and environmental, in addition to natural disasters.

The Latin America and Caribbean region is ranked second after the United States of America in terms of the spread of Virus Corona, with 15 million 139 thousand and 172 injuries, 496 thousand and 524 deaths, and Brazil tops the list with the most numbers in the region, with (7 million, 465 thousand, 806 injuries and 190 A thousand and 795 deaths), while Mexico records 383,434 million confirmed cases of Corona, and 122,426 deaths.

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