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Learn about the most important decisions affecting the national industry sector during 2020

The year 2020 witnessed a number of ministerial decisions for the industry and trade sector, which contributed to developing the performance of the country's industrial system. The following are the most important decisions for the industry sector.


• The decision of the Prime Minister to form a committee for the preference for the Egyptian industrial product headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

• Ministerial decision to amend some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 186 of 1978 in the executive regulations of Law No. 24 of 1977 regarding the industrial registry.

Ministerial decree extending the time limit stipulated in Ministerial Resolution No. 275 of 2015 regarding determining the moisture content of imported wheat grains for a period of one year as of April 3, 2020

• Decision to unify and reduce the price of natural gas for the industry to $ 4.5 / million thermal units.

• Reducing the selling prices of electrical energy supplied to industrial activities on the extra, high and medium voltages outside and during peak times by ten piasters per kilowatt / hour.

• Extending work with expired industrial licenses and records.

• Ministerial decision to oblige producers and importers of electric motors to control production and import in accordance with the Egyptian Standard No. 2623 - 3/2017 concerning energy levels for electric motors, and this decision shall come into force as of the day following the date of its publication in the Egyptian Journal.


Memoranda of understanding and cooperation protocols:

• Signing a memorandum of understanding between the ministry and the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the field of industrial cooperation

• Signing a cooperation protocol between the Industry Modernization Center and the British Council for the development and support of heritage crafts through the "Development of the Inclusive and Creative Economy" program, implemented by the Creative Egypt program.

• Signing a cooperation protocol between the Industrial Development Authority and the Environmental Affairs Agency for a period of 3 years to facilitate licensing procedures and meet environmental requirements for industrial facilities.

• The signing of a cooperation agreement between the Industry Modernization Center and the Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, to establish solar power stations with a capacity of 90 kilowatts to produce 154 megawatt hours per year.

• Signing a cooperation protocol between the Industrial Modernization Center, the National Authority for Egyptian Railways and the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy to implement a solar cell system at the top of the Egyptian station and change its lighting systems for LED technology.

• Signing a cooperation protocol between the General Authority for Emiri Press and the Egyptian Judges Club to enhance cooperation in the field of publishing digital legal encyclopedias.

• Signing a protocol of cooperation between the Productivity and Vocational Training Authority and the Egyptian Leaders for Development (LEAD) in cooperation with the International Group for Modern Paints "Mido" to implement a number of training programs within the framework of the "Learn right and paint right" initiative in the fields of qualifying the profession of technician repairing and painting car bodies And the carpentry painting profession, as these programs aim to qualify more than 200 trainees in the skills of car painting and wood painting and will last for one year.

• Signing of a cooperation protocol between the Industrial Development Authority and the Regas Company to extend natural gas networks to four industrial zones

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