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Know the dangers of the habit of touching the nose during the time of the Corona virus

Many people touch their noses constantly and involuntarily often, but this bad habit is the most dangerous in the time of the Corona virus, and scientists said that the moist lining of the nose "contains small, microscopic glands that can secrete mucus into the airway in response to foreign invaders, whether big things such as Pollen, dirt, dust, as well as microscopic things that may include bacteria and viruses. ”In this report, we learn about the dangers of the habit of touching the nose at the time of the Corona virus, according to the American“ CNN ”website.

Some mucus is good and healthy, which keeps most viruses and bacteria away, but what many people do not realize is how sensitive the skin inside the nose is and how dangerous it is to touch the skin of the nose with contaminated hands.

Molecular virologist Cedric Buckley, a former associate professor of biology at Jackson State University in Mississippi who is now developing the science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum, said plucking the nose can lead to tiny wounds in the tiny epithelial linings of the nasal cavity.

"Once you penetrate this barrier, you enter directly into a capillary bed, which becomes a conduit for viral particle infection. This penetration increases your chances of transferring the germs on your hands directly into the bloodstream," Buckley explained.

Touching the nose is something that should be avoided more than ever during the Corona pandemic, but it can be difficult to break habits, especially those that you do without thinking.

According to Dr. Elias Abu Jawad, professor of psychiatry at Stanford University in California and director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Clinic, “Nose touching, such as biting nails, chewing lips, and pulling hair, is a“ repetitive, body-focused behavior. ”These“ actions directed at the body and often focused on Care or removal of parts of the body. "

Elias explained that these behavioral habits can be a clinical disorder if they lead to great harm or harm in someone's personal or professional life and for many of us, they are just bad habits, not disorders.

Reflexology, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, is a tool that psychiatrists use to help people who struggle with repetitive behaviors that focus on the body.

Abu Jawad said that this treatment "increases awareness of the behavior and its consequences, and trains the individual to replace touching the nose" with something else such as: applying pressure to a pressure ball.

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