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What is the difference between the "Safari", "Chrome" and "Edge" browsers

Google is the most dominant player in the browser space, as Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, but despite this, it cannot really be considered the best browser because competitors like Apple's Safari and Microsoft Edge have their own strengths, so do not forget Mozilla Firefox and even Opera, however we will show the difference between Safari, Chrome and Edge and look at their strengths and weaknesses, according to the Indian TOI website.

What is the "fastest" browser out of the three?

The first thing one needs in a good browser is speed, where a test called HTML5 can check how fast your browser is, the highest possible score in the test is 555, and a test has been done on Safari and Chrome in addition to Edge, it is not very surprising that Chrome has obtained The highest score is 528, while Safari scores 492 and Edge scores 496.

All tests also depend on the type of laptop you are using, and the tests are conducted on a 13-inch MacBook Pro (2GHz Intel Core i5 processor). This is a rough measure of how fast the browser is, but it gives a good indication of its efficiency.

What is the most efficient browser?

Since Edge and Safari both come as default browsers on Windows laptops and MacBooks respectively, they work just like the original apps, as they are optimized to work like any other program on laptops.

Chrome can sometimes account for roughly 50% of CPU usage, while Safari anywhere can account for 5-10% while Edge can only represent 3-5% of CPU usage while it can represent Chrome has over 50% CPU usage.

And Safari can run as low as 5-10%, so Edge's performance is better, as it works at 3 to 5% of CPU usage.

User interface and ease of use:

If you work on the Google system, Chrome gives you the best ease of use, as Chrome makes it easy to do Google searches, and log into across devices to access tabs and search history - all of this is really simple, it is a carefully designed browser in addition to everything related to By Google, almost with one or two clicks.

The other thing that works heavily for Chrome is extensions, as Chrome has hundreds of extensions that make browsing really simple, from editing documents to finding coupons, and Chrome has an extension for literally everything and definitely offers more extensions than any other browser, translation also works in Chrome is much better than any other browser.

 While Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based browser which means it is heavily influenced by Chrome, for those who voraciously watch content on laptops, Edge has more features than Chrome, for example, Microsoft Edge lets you watch videos in 4K if you You watch Netflix, it is the only Windows browser that supports Dolby Digital.

Safari is the ideal browser if you have a MacBook and use the Apple system, as it makes syncing Safari on iPhone and MacBook easy to use, and the Safari Reader mode - which was first introduced in 2010 before others - is a great feature of the browser, while Edge added this feature Also recently, a lot of people who are accustomed to Chrome or Edge might find it difficult to switch to Safari because the learning curve is a bit more but once you get used to it it's very easy to use.

Security and privacy:

Chrome may be the most popular browser, but when it comes to privacy, it is not the best at all, except that it is a really safe browser, as Google provides regular updates and has features that prevent suspicious downloads, and Chrome can also scan files automatically for malware and give warnings About dangerous websites.

Edge is also strong when it comes to security as it has three pre-defined privacy levels namely Basic, Balanced and Strict, and as the name suggests depending on the level you set, privacy settings adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, Apple has always been defending the issue of privacy and considers Safari one of the most secure browsers you can use, with Safari 14 and macOS Big Sur, Apple introduced a Privacy Report feature that informs users of everything that has been blocked.

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