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5 things to know before attending your first psychiatrist appointment

Visiting a psychiatrist may be worrying for many, especially if it is the first time, and the patient may postpone the appointment due to severe fear, and on this topic doctors say that in order to skip this stage, you must know what to expect before going to the doctor, and we present 5 things that you must know before going to the doctor According to the healthline website

1: Be prepared for your medical history

You will be asked about your medical and psychological history - personal and family - so be prepared to bring the following:

1: A complete list of medications, in addition to psychiatric medications.

2: A list of all psychiatric medications you may have tried in the past, including how long you have taken them.

3: Your medical concerns and any diagnoses.

4: A family history of psychological problems, if any.

Also, if you've seen a psychiatrist in the past, it is very helpful to bring a copy of these records, or send your records from the previous office to the new psychiatrist you will see.

2: Be ready to ask you questions

Once you are at your session, you can expect the psychiatrist to ask you why you are coming to see them.They may ask in a few different ways, including:

1: So, what brings you today?

"2: Tell me your reason for being here."

"3: How are you doing?"

4: How can I help you?

Asking an open-ended question can make you nervous, especially if you don't know where to start or how to start. Beware knowing that there is no wrong way to answer and a good psychiatrist will guide you during the interview.

However, if you want to be prepared make sure to communicate what you have been experiencing and also, if you feel comfortable, share the goals you would like to achieve from the treatment.

3: It's okay to try different emotions

You may cry, feel embarrassed, or experience different types of emotions while discussing your fears, but know that this is completely normal.

Being open and sharing your story takes a lot of strength and courage, which can feel emotionally overwhelmed, especially if you suppress your feelings for a long time.

Some of the questions asked about your history may raise sensitive issues, such as a history of trauma or abuse. If you are not comfortable or ready to participate, please be aware that it is okay to let a psychiatrist know that it is a sensitive topic and that you are not prepared to discuss the problem in more detail.

4: Create a plan for the future


Since most psychiatrists generally provide medication management, treatment options will be discussed at the end of your session. A treatment plan may consist of:

1: Medication Options.

2: Referrals for psychotherapy.

3: The level of care required, for example, if more intensive care is needed to adequately address symptoms, options for finding an appropriate treatment program will be discussed.

Any recommended labs or procedures such as basic tests before starting medications or tests to rule out any potential medical conditions that might be contributing to symptoms

If you have any questions about your diagnosis or treatment or want to share any concerns you have, be sure to let them know at this point before the end of the session.

5: Your first psychiatrist may not be right for you


Although the psychiatrist leads the session, keep thinking that you are seeing your psychiatrist to see if he is right for you as well. Keep in mind that the best predictor of treatment success is the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

Therefore, if the connection does not develop over time and you do not feel your problems are being addressed, it is at this stage that you can seek out another psychiatrist and get a second opinion.

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